How to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe to Spring

How to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe to Spring

With the seasons changing, you might be wondering how to transition your winter wardrobe into spring. Don’t worry, babe! You don’t need to break the bank to look your best this spring. Warm weather is here to stay and at Bomshell Boutique, we’re a BIG fan of these sunny days! 

How do we style for spring weather after winter has eased up? We’ve got you covered! Check out the following Bomshell tips and tricks on transitioning your wardrobe with ease

April 08, 2021 by Gina March
How to Style a Jumpsuit

How to Style a Jumpsuit

Are you looking for tips on how to style a jumpsuit? Don’t worry Bomshell babe, we’ve got you covered! Jumpsuits are easily some of the comfiest, trendiest, and cutest items you can add to your wardrobe. Take your spring looks to the next level with just one bomb piece.

March 18, 2021 by Gina March
Top 5 Ways to Style A Graphic Tee

Top 5 Ways to Style A Graphic Tee

Oh, graphic tees, how we love you! Seriously though, what’s not to love?! If a Bomshell girl should know one thing, it’s that a good graphic tee is the ultimate way to add personality and make a statement no matter what your day looks like... From the office to the gym, to a night out with the girls, a graphic tee can be worn anywhere. 

The best part of a tee? Styling them is easy to get the hang of! Check out our top five ways to style a graphic tee, then shop our selection and try it out for yourself! 

  1. Jeans and Booties: You already know this classic combo is a heart-stealer. Graphic tee, cute jeans, and a pair of statement booties, need we say more? 

Bite Me Graphic Tee

  1. Leggings and Sneakers: We love a casual babe! Make a statement with a graphic tee, fitted leggings, and a pair of sneakers. The ultimate work from home and Saturday trip to the boutique look. 

Callie Pebble Leggings

  1. Tucked In A Skirt: We’re not forgetting about you, spring and summer. This year, make a statement by tucking your tee into a flowy or fitted skirt for a flirty meets edgy look. Can you say California dreaming? 

Tiger Queen Skirt

  1. Layer It Up: From a denim jacket to cardigans and shackets, one of the best ways to style your graphic tee for warmth and style is adding an extra layer on top

Penelope Popcorn Cardigan

  1. Under A Blazer: Nothing screams business meets pleasure more than wearing your favorite tee under a fitted or oversized blazer. This outfit can take you from a day at the office to drinks on a Friday night without changing a thing. 

So, Bomshell Babe, are you loving graphic tees as much as we are? Effortlessly cool and versatile, they’re a must-have in any wardrobe! Check out our selection online, or, visit any of our locations to shop in-store! 

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February 19, 2021 by Gina March
BomShell Boutique: 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

BomShell Boutique: 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are just around the corner and at BomShell Boutique, we have you covered! Check everyone off your gift list and get your holiday shopping done in one place when you shop online, or at any of our three locations.
December 03, 2020 by Gina March
Tips for Styling Your Belt

Tips for Styling Your Belt

Belts - they just don’t get the credit that they deserve! This statement accessory is having a serious moment right now. From chunky waist-cinchers to skinny and sleek styles, belts are everywhere this season.
December 03, 2020 by Gina March

Bomshell’s Personal Styling Approach Embraced By Many

Bomshell’s Personal Styling Approach Embraced By Many

Bomshell Boutique Owner Gina March stands in her newest location on Route 50 in West Ocean City. Photos by Joanne ShrinerBomshell Boutique Owner Gina March stands in her newest location on Route 50 in West Ocean City. Photos by Joanne Shriner

OCEAN CITY – At Bomshell Boutique, which is located on Route 50 in West Ocean City, customers can have a glass of wine and be personally styled with affordable one-of-a-kind fashion.

Bomshell Boutique Owner Gina March began her business operating from home, relying on word of mouth and social media to draw attention. Starting with a Facebook page in the summer of 2012, March envisioned building a shopping experience that would involve a few specifically selected women’s clothing lines and accessories, a limited stock and a friendly atmosphere.

“I started a Facebook store and had put a few items up for sale, took the kids to the beach and come back to notifications out of the wazoo. Everybody had bought everything … it grew and girls started to come shop in my dining room where everything would be hanging off of my china cabinet,” March said. “It worked well because it is really hard to go out when you’re a young mom with little kids, and you’re trying to feel good about yourself, so I gave them an alternative. The kids played and the moms ended up staying for hours. We would start off with coffee or wine, and it was a great way for them to come and shop with a personal stylist.”
By February 2013, Bomshell had outgrown March’s house, prompting her to move into the Taylorville Shopping Center on Route 589. However, the location only lasted a couple of years before a snafu with the location had March looking for a new space.

By the start of this year, Bomshell moved into its new and current location off of Route 50 in West Ocean City.

“I can’t tell you how many new clients we have on a weekly basis because of the new location. It has been really great,” March said.

“I want a girl to come in and be able to buy the shirt, the shoes and the earrings, walking out feeling like she didn’t spend her entire paycheck with us,” said Bomshell Boutique owner Gina March about her store.

“I want a girl to come in and be able to buy the shirt, the shoes and the earrings, walking out feeling like she didn’t spend her entire paycheck with us,” said Bomshell Boutique owner Gina March about her store.

Last Friday, March was going back and forth between interviewing withThe Dispatch and personally styling a client, after all that is what Bomshell is all about.

A personal shopping experience begins at Bomshell by appointment or simply walking through the doors where you are offered coffee or wine.

“When you come in, you are getting a personal experience. We work with you, and our customers become our friends. I have made tons of great relationships with people that come in here … you’re not getting that anywhere else. We are going to make you feel amazing from outside in and from the inside out,” March said.

Bomshell offers high-end, one-of-kind items at affordable price points, and that is what has made the concept work so well, March stated, and when buying she makes sure the designer isn’t selling the same items to another store in the area.

“There is so much great stuff out there. We live in a small town, and you don’t want everybody wearing what you have … that is what a boutique should be about,” March said.

Bomshell is a full-line boutique offering everything from clothing to shoes and accessories.

“I want a girl to come in and be able to buy the shirt, the shoes and the earrings, walking out feeling like she didn’t spend her entire paycheck with us, so when I am shopping I am looking for the quality of clothes that my customers can feel good about while making sure the price points are fair. That is really important,” March said. “It’s the trust factor. If something doesn’t look good, we are going to let you know. At the end of the day, you are my best advertisement.”

As Bomshell Boutique “is running like a well-oiled machine” on Route 50, March is looking into adding another location in the future as well as offering her personal styling services and closet organization skills in home.

Bomshell Boutique is located at 12216 Ocean Gateway, Suite 1300 in West Ocean City. To see all the boutique has to offer visit their website, www.bomshellboutique.com or visit their Facebook page where it all started.

August 24, 2015 by Gina March

Easy Hair Updo using Pink Pewter Headband

We all know that time is so important especially in the morning when we are always in need of more! 

I promise this will take less than 5 minutes and you will love how it looks when you are finished!

Step one ~ take your favorite headband, I am using one from Pink Pewter (we have them online & in the boutique) I just love how the look and adore all the jewels! Put it on your head and keep the band on top of your hair in the back. 


Step two ~ start at one side of your hair and begin to fold in your hair into the band. continue all the way around.


Step three ~ add a fresh flower, or our adorable starfish hair pins or really you can leave it as is! 

how perfect would this be for your next girls night out or wedding? I love it and it couldn't be any simplier! Cute, easy, and less than 5 minutes, sign me up! 


here's one from our photo shoot....

I hope you enjoyed it! 

xo Ashley

May 04, 2015 by Gina March

BomShell Boutique featured in "Ocean City Today" Newpaper

Boutique grows from home biz into niche gallery

Posted on Friday, March 20th, 2015 by

(March 20, 2015) Owner Gina March is no stranger to retail business, which is apparent when walking into BomShell Boutique, which is located on Ocean Gateway in West Ocean City, and observing a store full of items not found everywhere else.

“When I have free time, I travel to shows in New York and search sites for cool accessories,” March said. “I spend a lot of time finding people who hand make their items.”

She said she spends the majority of her time finding pieces other stores in the area do not carry.

“My first question to vendors are who do you sell to in the area,” she said. “It’s a small community, I don’t want people to see our clothes in other stores.”

The women’s clothing store carries dresses, sweaters, tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes, accessories, bras, camisoles, bandeaus, leggings and gift items such as notepads and shotglasses.

“We spend a lot of time bringing in great products at affordable prices and our merchandise has a fast turnover,” March said. “I don’t want the girls to feel guilty about buying an outfit, I want them to love it and buy it because their piece might not be there when they return. We always think about the customers before bringing in an item.”

Customer service makes BomShell Boutique stand out from other clothing stores.

“We are giving you an experience on what a boutique should be and it has gotten lost through the years,” March said. “We want to know our customers by their first names and be an uplifting, supportive system.”

March, originally from Philadelphia, began her career in retail while working for a women’s clothing store in high school. She would go on to work at Nordstrom and Aldo Shoes. After working her way up in the retail business, she received promotions and eventually became a district manager.

She left retail for a little while to focus on sales and was transferred to Baltimore, where she met her husband. They moved to Ocean City nine years ago.

March started BomShell Boutique as a home business through Facebook in 2012 for fun while raising her four sons. She recalls putting a few pieces of jewelry up on the social media site one summer day and went to the beach. When she returned home, everyone wanted to buy the pieces she posted.

She continued to keep posting and in no time, March was selling clothing.

Her customers wanted to try on the clothes and after finding out she was local, asked if they could come to her house.

March loved the idea and started providing more inventory for the women.

“I literally grew out of my dining room,” she said. “Moms who had a hard time shopping with their kids could come to my house, stay and shop for a few hours, have a cup of coffee and we became friends.”

During the holiday season, March had more than 70 women come to her house to shop one night.

“Most of the women I did not know and I sat at the counter and wrote orders for two hours straight, the line was out the door, it was the craziest thing,” she said.

This success told her there was a need in the community for a boutique offering the types of products she enjoys selling.

The upstairs portion of her husband’s building on Racetrack Road in Berlin was vacant and she moved in during the first week of February 2013.

BomShell Boutique remained in this location for almost two years.

“Our permit was up and we started looking at a couple spaces in town,” March said. “This West Ocean City location stood out with Women Supporting Women and Yogavibez next door, it was a good fit.”

BomShell Boutique moved into the Ocean Creek Plaza on Ocean Gateway in West Ocean City during the Christmas and New Year holiday.

“The visibility from the highway and foot traffic has been tremendous and we have already seen an increase in visitors and so many new faces,” March said. “I am looking forward to being in West Ocean City for a summer season.”

Many of the familiar faces March sees browsing through the West Ocean City store were visitors to her home when she first opened.

January and February can be tough months for retail stores, especially on the outskirts of a major summer destination, but BomShell Boutique tripled their sales in January this year, as compared to 2014.

BomShell Boutique has been online for about a year, which allows the store to ship packages all over the United States. March said her audience is continuing to grow.

“This year we will place more emphasis in developing our online store,” March said. “When people walk into our store the first impression is our personal experience. Online we can only give so much and they are not able to feel the clothes. Our goal is to have our online presence as strong as the store.”

The online store has free shipping for orders more than $50 and customers can exchange for a different size.

The store has a strong presence on Facebook and Instagram, where they posts new arrivals and have giveaways on both sites once a week.

Since her staff has gotten larger, March has more time to focus on her customers.

“I work with the girls and style them,” March said. “Customer service is a number one priority. We will do anything and everything including alterations.”

She will go out to women’s houses and help them style outfits with the clothes they have in their closets. In addition, she tries to host a “girl’s night” every month.

The store will host private shopping parties where women can bring their friends and intimately shop. The hostess will receive a gift card for free clothes.

“It means a lot they want to come and shop with us,” March said. “We want to make a homey, comfortable and enjoyable experience. Bring your kids, we will hold and play with them while you shop.”

BomShell Boutique is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hours will be extended once the season is in full swing.

Owner Gina March, left and employee Nancy Sweeney

take a minute to pose in the front of BomShell Boutique’s store.

The unique women’s clothing store changed locations over the

Christmas holiday and opened in West Ocean City a few months ago.


April 02, 2015 by Gina March

Denim LOVE!

DENIM LOVE!!!!!!!!

Denim is one of my favorite items to add to my closet and the boutique! When styling I always ask my clients if they own a denim jacket. Its my go to when working to make the most of my favorite dresses they may have made their way to the back of the closet until warmer season approaches.

This season I have added a classic denim jacket to the boutique & at an awesome price point of $45!

I am so in love with the denim & lace look! In additional to this jacket we also have this beautiful denim dress..... our  READY for FOREVER denim dress. I love the modern & sexy twist on this classic!

Of course you can't live without your denim jeans and we can't get enough of this new line called Machine Denim! They have just enough stretch & cool distressing that make them a 
 must have! 
February 17, 2015 by Gina March

Bomshell is featured in "THE DISPATCH"

Home-Grown Business Now Reaching New Heights


OCEAN PINES — In only a year, Bomshell Boutique in Ocean Pines has gone from a home business to a bustling store on Route 589.
The boutique offers a “personal” shopping experience unlike big box stores, said owner Gina March, while keeping prices affordable.
“We like to have the personal shopping experience, which you don’t get at an outlet store and you don’t get at a department store,” March said.
The personal appeal is something that has been carried over from when March operated Bomshell from her home, relying on word of mouth and social media to draw attention to the business. Starting with a Facebook page last summer, March envisioning building a shopping experience that would involve a few, specifically selected women’s clothing lines, a limited stock and a friendly atmosphere.
By February, Bomshell had outgrown March’s house, prompting her to move into a comfortable space in the Taylorville Shopping Center on Route 589.
“I think there are definitely advantages to being on Route 589. I have girls that come from Salisbury and I have girls that come from Delaware … they like the convenience,” she said. “I feel like girls can stop here on the way home from work.”
All of the clothing at Bomshell is handpicked by March and has a high turnover rate, with new items added regularly. Stock for each item is purposefully kept low so that when a customer buys something from the boutique “they feel that it is something special,” March explained.
As much care is given to the customers as the clothing with March promising that even a quick stop has resulted in visitors becoming regulars. Because happy customers are a “walking advertisement” for Bomshell, March makes certain that people don’t leave the store with any items they aren’t completely enamored with.
The transition from home to store has been smooth for Bomshell, and she has not ruled further expansion in the next few years. It’s all about making people aware of the boutique, said March, a job that she is tackling through several avenues. Social media especially has been a useful tool, with Bomshell Boutique’s Facebook page collecting nearly 26,000 likes in its first year.
The store also has a website, www.bomshellboutique.com, and does a brisk online business. However, according to March, the best way to get the full Bomshell experience is to visit the store. While she is considering opening one or two more locations eventually, March was adamant that Bomshell will never become a franchise and will always keep that personal touch.


August 23, 2013 by Gina March